Heritage is proud to provide a unique one-stop construction service. Projects receive complete attention from our qualified and dedicated team, with your interest and requirements in focus at all times.

We undertake work in both the private and public sectors. Developing partnering arrangements with a number of large Companies, Developers, Local Authorities, Housing Trusts, Housing Associations, L.E.A’s and other Public bodies and Private enterprises throughout the UK.

Our multifunctional elements provide our clients with a unique one-stop service. We have built on this in particular with the Wythenshawe Community Housing Group where we have entered into several partnering arrangements, as well as Vodafone PLC, Weaver Vale Housing Trust, Capita Symonds PLC, Rossendale Borough Council, Salford University & The Guinness Partnership.

We have worked with Public and Private sectors under the compulsory competitive tendering regime, having been successful in the majority of works tendered for. With legislative changes and the introduction of best value, allowing Public bodies to continue to tender with the focus now on quality and not cost, we are well placed to enter into partnering arrangements and this has allowed us to further develop the aims as laid out in our mission statement.

We assist several housing trusts in their regeneration and remodeling of the environment to meet high standards required by their new clients and as part of their development plan to achieve The Decent Homes Standards.

Founded in June 1991 as a partnership to undertake environmental improvement works, Heritage has since grown and a Limited Company was incorporated in 1998. Our work in the Private sector is also expanding and our list of new clients is growing to add to our existing established client base.

The Heritage Team will be delighted to quote for all your construction needs, no matter the size or nature of your project.