It is the Company’s determination to work with and on behalf of its clients to continue the strive, through-out the duration of the contract to reduce the potential for accidents and improve the overall safety of its construction sites.

Heritage are looking to develop and provide growth whilst still providing the highest of quality. This will be achieved by training our operatives to the highest standards, developing and improving our standards of work and end products and exceeding client expectations.

We will only be able to achieve our quality requirements with the help of all individuals, at all levels, noting and continuously striving to improve their work with this being overseen by senior management and ultimate responsibility by the Managing Director.

To achieve ISO 9001 we to set out the standards to be achieved to maintain and improve on the quality that is the reputation of the Company and to ensure that all works are completed to relevant statutory requirements and inline with the Company’s Health and Safety policy statement and document.

The policy of the Company is to ensure that all personnel are trained and experienced to the extent necessary to undertake their assigned activities and responsibilities effectively. The Company generally procures and recruits employees capable of meeting the technical, skill, experience and educational requirements of the Company’s activities.

All staff and senior employees are responsible for recommending the training needs of others, and for ensuring that all employees allocated specific tasks are suitably qualified and experienced to execute those tasks. Once training needs are identified these are provided under the responsibility of the Directors.

Full records are maintained of all training undertaken by employees.

A suitable work environment to achieve product conformity has been provided at our depots in Floats Road, Wythenshawe and steel fencing and gate manufacturers in Glossop. This facility includes the factory unit, workspaces, utilities and supporting services to ensure the conformity of the product.