Heritage undertake the construction and maintenance of the built environment, specifically in the field of municipal and urban engineering, which includes Roads, Car Parks, Footpaths, Sewers, Drainage, Retaining Walls and Foundations etc.

Due to the nature of the organisation and the experience of our management team and workforce, we are able to undertake all the various disciplines to complete projects without the need to employ a number of different sub contractors.

Where specialist contractors are required we can employ and project manage on behalf of our clients, thus providing quality projects delivered on time and within budget.

We have been able to build on our multifunctional elements to provide our clients with a unique one-stop service and have built on this to enable us to enter into a number of partnering arrangements for example Weaver Vale Housing Trust, Green Vale Homes and Salford University.

Although we undertake works in the Private sector as the Company has grown we have focused on developing and enhancing relationships and partnering arrangements with Local Authorities and Housing Trusts with the concentration of our core business within the North West.

We have worked with the Public sector over a number of years via select list and the OJEU having been successful in the majority of works tendered for. In line with best value requirements we continue to tender for Public organisation work but with a focus now on quality & cost, and from this we have been able to enter into a number of partnering arrangements to which the Company is well placed.

This enhances the Company’s position and strengths and has allowed us to further develop the aims as laid out in our mission statement. With the transfer of housing stock to housing trusts we have been able to assist a number of the trusts in their regeneration and remodelling of the environment to meet the high standards required by their new clients and as part of their development plan to achieve The Decent Homes Standards as set out by the communities and Local Government.

We undertake all aspects of civil engineering and groundworks, from bulk excavation, main and domestic drainage, and ground substitution.

Construction of roads, footpaths, vehicular crossings, retaining walls and off road parking. Utilising machine and hand lay tarmacadam, modular paving, concrete and line making, all in accordance with current design specifications.