Our surveyors have full SC clearance and can work in most restricted installations protected by the Official Secrets Act.

Heritage has the expertise and professionals to undertake most surveys including, but not limited to, the following:

  • General Building and Dilapidation Surveys.
  • Land and Boundary surveys.
  • M & E Surveys.
  • Asbestos ID and Removal Surveys (we are Licensed Asbestos removers).
  • Security systems.

We have a surveying division that has Vodafone PLC among our client base, we have undertaken surveys of retail stores focusing on general maintenance standards and general property condition with Public, Customer and Staff Health and safety in mind.

These surveys have shown, clearly, items that could have caused either personal injury or other long term effects to the properties which had the potential to cost the client’s time, money and possibly litigation.

We have good disciplines in the Telecom business sector and understand fully the requirements for working in secure environments and the required protocols with such work and environments.